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Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS)

Entry Requirements for the AMLS Course:
  1. Current registration as a Medical Practitioner, Intern or Junior Intern
  2. Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider Certificate/ or ACLS Certificate/ or PALS Certificate
  3. Successful completion of the entry test
The 2 day Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) Course provides a practical approach to the recognition and management of acute and life-threatening Medical Emergencies in adults. The course consists of hands-on practical training, workshops, tutorials, case discussions, role-plays and data interpretation covering a wide spectrum of acute medical emergencies.

A comprehensive 454-page Textbook of Acute Medical Emergencies is supplied prior to course participation.


Course Outline:

Emergencies covered include:
  • The Patient with Breathing Difficulties
  • The Shocked Patient
  • The Patient with Acute Chest Pain
  • The Patient with Altered Level of Consciousness
  • The Collapsed Patient
  • The Overdose Patient
  • The Patient with Acute Headache
  • The Patient with Acute Abdominal Pain
  • The Patient with Hot or Cold Legs
  • The Patient with Hot or Swollen Joints
  • The Patient with Organ Failure
  • The Patient with a Rash
  • The Elderly Patient
  • Medical Emergency Transfers
In addition, the course includes hands-on practical training on oxygen therapy, invasive airway management and central venous access. Emergency investigations such as chest x-ray evaluation and ECG interpretation are covered, as well as haematological, electrolyte and blood gas interpretation.

Having a full understanding of advanced medical life support is an invaluable skill.

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